Homework 00

This homework follows the standard late penalty: 0% if in the stat310 mailbox by Thursday 12 Jan 4pm, 10% by 5pm the following day, 100% otherwise. Please read the syllabus for other homework policies.

Due in class, or in the stat310 mailbox by 4pm.

Create a 3” x 5” flash card to help me get to know you. You will receive 1pt for meeting each of following criteria:

  • card is 3” x 5”

  • one side has a photo of you

  • the other side has your name. If you’d prefer to be called something different to your official university name, please say so. And if your name needs it, please include some pronunciation hints.

  • on the side with your name, include five interesting facts about you.

Bonus points are available for particularly creative efforts.

This homework is worth half of a normal homework, and will not be included in the lowest grades dropped.