Homework 11

This homework follows the standard late penalty: 0% if in the stat310 mailbox by Wednesday 2 May 4pm, 10% by 5pm the following day, 100% otherwise. Please read the syllabus for other homework policies.

(Bonus homework worth half a normal homework)

Take a picture or video that raises a question that you could solve with your stat310 skills. Write a couple of sentences that explains the picture and how you think it connects to stat310 - but for the best pictures and videos, minimal explanation should be necessary.

For inspiration, look at 101 questions for similar pictures and videos for math topics, and statpic for some similar statistics pictures.

You’ll receive 10/10 for an original picture/video that immediately evokes a stat310 concept, and lesser pointers for pictures where the connection isn’t so obvious. It’s a bonus homework so I won’t grade it too hard, but you’ll need to put in a decent effort to get a decent grade.

Please also email me an electronic copy of the picture/video, along with a statement saying that you made it, and you give me permission to use it in class in the future.